After many years of conducting  forklift and other types of equipment training for the big dealerships, I found myself frustrated with the scripted classes I was required to deliver.  These OSHA safety training certification classes lasted 4 hours, were filled with repetitive information and too much time was spent on product placement (why brand X is better than brand Y).  Have you ever caught your employees sleeping through training classes?  I expected this when working off a scripted certification safety class.  I walked away from these classes with doubt that the equipment operators understood the true danger and life threatening machines they were using every day.  Accidents in the workplace are common and no one wins when an accident happens.  While I was poking around on the OSHA website www.osha.gov I noticed that accident fines were large enough to impact any business. Trained employees reduce the risk of accidents.


  • Boom Lift, 200535912, 6/24/2013, Employee Is Struck By A Pipe And Killed: Fine imposed - $6,750
  • Forklift, 202686614, 5/30/2013, Employee Crushed By Forklift Dies: Fine imposed - $16,200
  • Forklift, 316209162, 8/22/2012, Employee Fractures Ankle As Forklift Slides On Wet Floor: Fine Imposed - $2,435
  • Reach Truck, 202614327, 3/14/2012,Employee Foot Crushed By Stand-Up Forklift: Fine imposed - $3,250
  • Forklift, 200922136, 6/15/2011, Employee Is Killed When Run Over By Forklift: Fine Imposed - $11,350

I decided there had to be a better way!  In 2012 I launched the Advantage Training Solutions L.L.C., where I offer a time effective class that meets OSHA minimum requirements.  My classes are designed to educate your employees while keeping them engaged and interested throughout the entire process.  I have built new certification training classes that take only an hour to complete, have no product placement or repetitive information.  My classes also return the associates back to work as soon as possible. Let's face it: a room of 10 employees removed from their daily tasks to sit in a certification training class IS COSTLY FOR YOUR COMPANY; loss of productivity is loss on the bottom line no matter what your business is.  

Since 2012 I have helped hundreds of company's become OSHA compliant. I started Advantage Training Solutions forklift safety certification in Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.  As my company has grown, I am willing to travel to other states to provide health and safety training on many types of equipment for your employees.  My promise to you is that you will not be disappointed in me or in the certification courses I have designed.

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Randy Ward/Co-Owner

Cindi Ward/Co-Owner

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